Information about griplink

Hi!  My name is Trevor.  I started griplink with the vision to create a growing, better, smarter world.  Over the past 25 years of my life, I have learned so much from others.  Whether in person, or online.  I realized if it wasn't for other people who have previously, or currently walked similar paths to our own, it would be very hard to relate to each other, and to ourselves.  Griplink is a website that shares the stories, learning experiences, and insights of people who are experiencing life here on planet earth.  It is a place to offer advice to others, or ask for advice personally.  It is a place to be caring, and empathetic for others.  It is a place to find someone that may be in a similar situation as you, that you'd love to talk with.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet many different people on this planet from all backgrounds, happy people, and unhappy people, healthy people, and unhealthy people, successful people, and not so successful people.  I've always thought, it would be so incredible to have a place for everyone to freely express their thoughts, stories, experiences, and advice to be publicly available to the world.  I truly believe sharing our honest successes, and failures with each other is the only way to a brighter, better future.  Whether you choose to post on griplink as yourself, or anonymous.  We welcome you to our family of being able to freely express yourself.

Let's talk about what griplink isn't :)

griplink is not a place that steals your information and sells it for money.  
(Unlike major social media sites)
griplink is not a place for drama, or fake news.
griplink is not a place to show the world how great you are at putting filters on photos.
griplink is not a place to be rude or disrespectful.
griplink is not run by aliens or scam artists.

Now let's talk about what griplink is :)

griplink is a place to trust that your information is safe.
griplink is a place run by normal people with a deep passion to better the planet we live on.
griplink is useful.
griplink is truthful
griplink is passionate about learning.
griplink is a place to call home.

Thanks for stopping by.  Let us know if we can do anything to better your visit here at :)