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Hi! My name is Trevor. I have been playing with the direction of Griplink for quite sometime now. It has gone in a few different directions of things I am passionate about, but I have come to the conclusion of what it really is. It's a positive light for others to connect over. A community of members contributing mental support, helpful information, videos, and pictures to others, that ultimately can benefit other users lives. With social media running the world today. Social media is showing similar symptoms physically as heavy drug users. It is very easy to get sucked into the never ending loop of the "hottest" thing of the day. Or who's looking the best out of your friends on social media... But what if we had a place we could come just to share things we find helpful for one another? Imagine if the goal all along was to share only helpful information, and comfort others.

We could of steered clear of comparing ourselves to others, and designing our lives around our social media profiles. I have a dream, people of all backgrounds can join together to support one another, and to share helpful information, and personal insights, that actually add value to each-others lives, not harmful things.

We have seen a dramatic increase in depression, bullying, and suicides in the last decade. It's time to change that. From selfish, to selfless. Let's become a supportive community, one that is there for each other, and start sharing things that actually benefit us as a whole :)

Love, Trevor

Listing created Jan 20, 2019

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22 days ago

I can only hope that your dream lives on in those that visit this site. I will share the word to those I know that need it and those that want to contribute.



21 days ago

The pain and the triumphs of Social Media is evident to me that There is a Higher Power. It's when we disconnect from everyone & everything to the negative aspects of the Human Experience come to light. I'm so happy we all have the ability to care & love one another. Thank You Trevor.

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