I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia when I was 14 years old and I am now 45. Unfortunately chronic pain has been with me longer then any body other than my parents. It was there during the most awkward years of my life, high school. When everyone in college was concern about the next party was worried about making it across campus. I sought so many doctors opinions trying to seek relief from pain. There were/are days I can't leave the bed. But this post is advice of how I deal with chronic pain. The first thing is diet. I know I hated to hear that when a doctor would say that to me. But it works. I find there is a fine line of how much weight I can have on my body. So diet is first and exercise is second. How do you exercise when you are in pain? You just do it. Sometimes as I am walking, yes just walking i have tears streaming down my face. Third it's attitude. People tell me all the time when they get to know me I had know idea you struggle like you do. It's because I choose to keep my chin up. Now that doesn't mean I don't have bad days. I do. But I have learned not dwell on the bad. The pain is never going to go away. However I'm not willing to go away yet either!

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23 days ago

Hey Tristan, Thank you so much for being the first person to post on here :) You are such a strong person, and I really appreciate you sharing some info on here. Outlook and perspective is everything. I salute you sir. God bless you!



22 days ago

Knowing you deal with so much and have such a strong will, makes me feel stronger. Thank you

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