What to Do if you Can't fall asleep.

Keep in mind Im not a professional or in any way connected to the medical field. If it truly gets bad, seek medical attention & in emergencys call 911.

Hotel best thing to do if you can't fall asleep and start moment is to not stress about it and not put too much pressure in the moment and to do things obviously that take your mind away from not being the fall asleep. Stretching is a great one obviously watching movies or playing video games; we already do that a lot to pass the time, but meditation is a big one as well; praying... closing your eyes.... and I think that's where insomnia for a lot of people stems from is closing your eyes in not being able to fall asleep. So, if you know you're not going to fall asleep just accept it. That's a big part of insomina just accepting the fact that you're not falling asleep, & if you can't fall asleep don't stress about it, do whatever it takes to take your mind away from wanting to be in that dream State and it's okay to not be able to initiate that dream State because, not everybody's on the same schedule ; givin if you're partner Falls asleep at 9 p.m. & you have just worked a 12 hours shift, you would be expected to be tired or something close to it. a Lot of insomniacs that are like I like are just fully dependent on how the indivual is feeling at that exact moment. Relating to your personal Expierence & how are you feeling at that exact moment, you have to take your mind away from the fact that you can't sleep get out of the bed and draw to whatever you can do to not focus in on that and a big part of that has to do with addiction to and substance abuse; not saying they go hand in hand but; you should necessarily do whatever (in a positive aspect) takes away the time but you know try to focus in on positive aspects that you can do to enlongate the time; you will eventually feel tired enough to fall asleep; now my biggest thing is do for me is playing video games or playing music playing the piano/guitar

whatever you can do to tire your physical mental and spiritual bodies.

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18 days ago

Grant, thank you for the info! Read the whole thing and loved it! I agree! And thank you for posting :)

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